“Where have you found most happiness so far in 2022?”

I’m happiest when I’m fully immersed in working on something I believe in, when I’m in the midst of a conversation with someone where we’re both learning new things about each other, and I’m definitely happy when I’m not a happy person. At least, not in the traditional sense.

It’s just one of a couple realizations I had while Brie was asking me questions on this weeks Finding Good Live Sessions. I’m not sure I’ve ever explained it that way. But, I’ve just never been the person skipping down the street whistling.

So, when she asked me where I’ve been the happiest, I told her I wasn’t. When she dug into that answer, however, I realized that I experience happiness in powerful ways pretty consistently.

I’m on the stage helping people see themselves through a better lens. But, because of the definition of happiness I had in my head, I never really thought of those things as happiness. Which is why I’m super appreciative for Brie and the question of the week this week.

Because, spending time finding good with someone trying to do the same, always helps me see the good things I might have missed.