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Disconnection Has Major Consequences  

Kids that don't feel like they can talk with the adults in their life are at greater risk for negative peer influence.

Employees that don't feel heard, understood, or validated leave companies faster everday.

More clients leave reporting "not feeling heard" from a salesperson or business owner than any other reason.

Building authentic connection is harder than ever. Discover a Community Making it Easier for Hundreds of People Everyday!

Access to

  • New conversation guides, connection resources, and activities every month.
  • Weekly practice outlines you can use on your own.
  • Live workshops to get tips and tricks from members and FG guides.
  • Access to video's, podcasts, deep dives into the science, live and recorded examples… and much much more.

You'll get first access to the new and exciting resources monthly.

Workshops and

  • Exclusive early access to FG Podcast.
  • Participate in live weekly practice sessions at 8 AM & 12 PM MT.
  • Build connections with other participants working on similar challenges.
  • Contributing ideas and challenges helps create content and resources that fit your unique needs.

You'll not only have the chance to improve your skills, the conversations you have will give you the sense of connection we all need.

For Most People, the Podcast and Community are a great place to start. 

If you want to talk about more specific needs like Keynotes, Workshops, and Strategic Consulting, feel free to contact us today, we'd love to chat.