Founder of Finding Good

Make the most important conversations fun, engaging and inspiring

Brian's Background

Positive Curiosity Evangelist

Brian believes the right questions can improve conversations, relationships, and how people feel about themselves. He also knows that the questions he’ll bring to your next event will dramatically improve the experience of every participant immediately.

As Founder of Finding Good, Brian has created a proprietary process for designing questions that provide validation that is often missed. His questions also build trust around tough issues, make important conversations more productive, and have others feeling valued. He simply leverages positive curiosity and a little bit of fun!

If your group is looking for new tools to improve cultures, build engagement, or strengthen relationships, Brian’s Finding Good Keynotes will find you. It will not only inspire participants to engage with each other, he’ll give them practical tools and simple questions they can use to have more effective conversations immediately.

Finding Good Keynotes can be delivered virtually or in person and participant materials are included.

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About Brian Fretwell

While most speakers are focused on being thought leaders in their area of expertise, Brian Fretwell strives to be an application leader. He’s constantly creating new tools that people can use right away whether they understand the science behind it. As the Founder of Finding Good, he works with his team to build these tools daily.

Brian has spent the bulk of his career working in places where theory always took a backseat to practical application and real-world stories. Whether it was teaching in juvenile corrections, running workshops in oil fields and coal mines, or consulting in the tech and entertainment industries, he has a natural talent for turning theories into actionable steps anyone can understand and use quickly.

As a speaker, he has delivered keynotes from Istanbul to Perth and all points in between. His TEDx has generated over 2.4 million views, his Tik Tok videos are viewed by millions monthly, and his book “Experts of Our Potential” is widely popular as Brian is a natural, compelling, and engaging storyteller.

He lives in Boise with his Wife Jamie, who just happens to be a Transpersonal Counselor. They spend their time taking walks and doing behavioral experiments on their dogs Hank and Daisy.



Experts Of Our Potential: A Story That Will Change The Way You Deliver Value

This book outlines, in story form, how creating value and certainty in a post industrial economy has changed and what we need to do as individuals to thrive in this new reality. In line with this message, Brian was invited to deliver a Tedx talk entitled “What a Fifteen Year Old Meth Addict Taught Me About Leadership” which received over half a million views in the first couple months of being uploaded to YouTube.

What Others Are Saying About Brian

Our company leadership team had the privilege of working with Brian to help us on our work culture and leadership focus. His message was perfectly aligned. He is an insightful consultant and dynamic presenter. He is the perfect balance of expertise and entertainment, of theory and practicality. His engaging key note provided a fun, interactive experience where we learned about ourselves, each other, and made specific and practical plans to help each other build on our past wins to continue winning in the future. I would recommend Brian in a second!

Cory Sanford
Human Resources Director - Ashley Manor LLC