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We envision a world where people connect, engage, and inspire through Finding Good.

Get the resources, training, and research to improve your conversations, ask better questions, and help build a more connected world.

Your Membership Includes


Monthly trainings, activities, and games.

From playing games, to tracking influence, to becoming certified, the opportunities for members to deepen their learning grows each week.


Weekly practice sessions with like minded people.

You’ll get the practice outlines prior to each session that will walk you through the question of the week, give suggestions for diving deeper, and provide you the structure so you can confidently practice in our out of the live group sessions.


Opportunities to connect with other members.

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Our month to month Membership is the most productive way to stay connected to the content we release. Each month you can simply open your Membership and access anything released in one simple location. The beautiful yet simple-to-use navigation allows easy access to find exactly what you need at any given time. Join our Membership today!

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What Others Are Saying About The Membership


“I’m looking forward to learning how to ask better, deeper and stronger questions so that I can make sure everyone I interact with (my husband, my clients, my friends) feels that they are heard and that I truly understand them. “

-Brie, Entrepreneur


“The practice has heightened my awareness in conversation. I catch myself tuning out or rehearsing my response and stop. I refocus by coming up with a good question or by validating. This progress feels really good when I’m able to execute it.”

-Jon, CEO & Pirate

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“I have seen transformation in myself in embracing the unknown. Asking someone questions without an end goal in mind can be scary. Being able to practice with others in a safe environment has given me the confidence to step into the unknown in the more important situations…with the people closest to me…where the stakes are higher.”

– Annette, Financial Professional