“In the last month, what are you most grateful overcoming?”

We’re changing things up a bit in our newsletter.

Instead of starting with a blog post, we’re going to start doing what we encourage all of the folks that use our resources or join us for practice sessions.

Start with the question of the week. Or, in this case, the question that we started with last week.

Only, with the newsletter, I’ll share stories of how people used the question last week, how the question was used on me (as I try to be a participant as often as possible), and perhaps a little about what’s behind the question itself.

As most of us experienced last week, mixing challenge and gratitude is, well, a bit of a challenge. So often, our focus when overcoming a challenge is on the relief of it being over or the pride in having accomplished something.

But, for myself, and a few of the other folks that spent our ten minutes a piece with this question, our focus seemed to gravitate to challenges we hadn’t fully overcome yet. And, what we were consistently grateful for were things like how we approached the challenge, how we treated others and ourselves in the challenge, and the choices we made to take on the challenge in the first place.

Often times, in whatever it is we are trying to overcome, we can get so hyper focused on how we’ll feel when we reach the finish line, that we overlook how good we feel during the challenge.

Sometimes the biggest challenge is overcoming the inertia to get started. Sometimes it’s overcoming the self doubt that prevents us from believing we can. And sometimes it’s overcoming the need to self criticize and be a bit more compassionate towards ourselves while we are in the middle of the struggle.

Whatever you’ve overcome, I hope you can spend a little time exploring what parts of the challenges in your life are helping you feel good right now.