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Want 5 Better Questions Than "How Was Your Day?"

Are you frustrated with questions that lead to 1 word answers? Looking for simple alternatives to keep the conversation going?

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What happens when you ask a better question than 'How was your day?'

"For me, it makes the conversation much more interesting. I also get way better answers which makes the convos go longer and sometimes deeper. The last few times I've asked, the person answering always pauses to really think of an answer and I like that; they really care to answer it. It has them saying more than "good", "fine", "eh". Like, they really think about it, and we get to share this undivided moment with no pressure."


"The first thing I noticed was how vibrant they get when you ask them something different than "How was your day?" Afterwards they would show me a sense of appreciation or even gratitude; thanking me for being genuinely curious and caring about their day with no other agenda. And for just a moment it takes them out of a negative space and into a positive one. It almost has them looking through a more positive lens for just a minute. But I just like how it shows kindness and openness, it almost starts the makings of a safe space -- specially in a society that is so negative and stressful."