Take the Connection Challenge15 questions that will reset your everyday conversations in a powerful and positive way
Bring Finding Good to Your EventBrian Fretwell, Speaker & Author

Bring Out the Best in Yourself and Others

And Have Fun In the Process. 

We're building a world where people feel more connected, validated, and understood...
By simply changing what people look for in a conversation.

If you're looking for a way to build trust, strengthen relationships, or just feel better after an everyday discussion, we'll help you do just that.

What if building the connections that most of us are missing was fun and easy?

Not only do we think they can be, we've spent that last five years researching and developing a process that will change the way you connect with people one question at a time.

Whether you are ...

  • Looking to feel more connected in your own life.
  • A parent looking to have more positive conversations with your kid.
  • A couple looking to strengthen your relationship
  • Or a leader looking to create a culture of trust and validation ...

Finding Good will help you improve the relationships that matter most by turning your next conversation into a fun activity, rewarding you for making the connections, and connecting you with a community of people actively Finding Good in their world together.

What Others Are Saying About Brian

“I’m looking forward to learning how to ask better, deeper and stronger questions so that I can make sure everyone I interact with (my husband, my clients, my friends) feels that they are heard and that I truly understand them."


“I have seen transformation in myself in embracing the unknown. Asking someone questions without an end goal in mind can be scary. Being able to practice with others in a safe environment has given me the confidence to step into the unknown in the more important situations…with the people closest to me…where the stakes are higher.”

Financial Professional

“The practice has heightened my awareness in conversation. I catch myself tuning out or rehearsing my response and stop. I refocus by coming up with a good question or by validating. This progress feels really good when I’m able to execute it.”

Founder/Executive Director - Dogsmile Adventures

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